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I put my creative skills to the test with a variety of art and design related jobs. I enjoy freelancing and also working with a mixture of people; working at my best within a small or middle-sized team. I have excellent artistic skills and a very good handling of the Adobe Creative Suite.

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  • 17, Kenilworth Street. Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, UK
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  • mobile: +44(0)7817 804 763
  • tel: +44(0)1926 259 599

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The following diagrams give a representation of my skills and competencies.

  • Art Training 100%

    Skill Level 100%
  • Illustrator 80%

    Skill Level 80%
  • Photoshop 60%

    Skill Level 60%
  • Dreamweaver 80%

    Skill Level 80%
  • Web Design 90%

    Skill Level 90%
  • Graphic Design 80%

    Skill Level 80%
  • InDesign 50%

    Skill Level 60%
  • 3D Modelling 60%

    Skill Level 60%
  • HTML & CSS 80%

    Skill Level 80%
  • Microsoft Office 50%

    Skill Level 50%


The Timeline shows key stages in my life.

  • Freelance Web/Graphic Designer

    Currently self employed engaged in Web Design and Graphic Design. I have been able to self-train in advanced web design and I also keep a regular blog at

  • Advanced Web Design

    Level 3 Advanced Web Design (PXXC3WBDS/12BA1). Trained at Mid-Warwickshire College. The course was extreamly helpful at getting me up to speed with many aspects of contemporary web design.

  • Website Designer - Council of Disabled People

    Creating and maintaining the CDP website, in addition, creating and maintaining additional CDP related sites. Daily updating and archiving content. Using Dreamweaver and related software. These sites required a high level of accessibility.

  • Artist in Residence - Warwickshire County Council

    The residency included workshops with the clients of day-centres who are predominately learning disabled adults and my responses creatively to the environment and culture of the groups. ArtsPEP (Arts Participation in Employability Project) - Freeway Centre & Active8, Nuneaton.

  • Community Arts Worker - CAW (Community Arts Workshop)

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  • Public Art Commission - Warwick County Council

    I was awarded the Public Art Commission for ‘Warwickshire Artsweek 2002’ Commissioned by Warwickshire County Council; digital artwork based on Warwickshire town maps and placed in public sites in Leamington, Nuneaton, Rugby, Stratford & Atherstone.

  • Artist

    I spent a number of years undertaking both paid and voluntary art projects around the UK. These also included solo and group exhibitions, performances and murals.

  • Art Therapy Training Course - London University College

    This Art Therapy Training Course dealt especially with issues around multi-culturalism and equality.

  • Mental Health Support Worker - Creative Support

    Supporting dual diagnosis clients (mental health and learning disability) with living skills. Liasing with health, educational and training professionals, Producing regular reports, Handling client finances, Organising recreational activities.

  • Production Advertisment Designer - Avon Imaging

    Producing graphics for magazine advertisements Desktop publishing, arranging text and graphics Proof reading advertisement text.

  • BA (hons), Art & Social Context, 2:2 - University of the West of England

    BA (hons) Art & Social Context was a course that ran to become Fine Art in Context and was about breaking down barriers - sharing experiences and enjoying engaging on the ground around creating art. Understanding the work you create. Analysing art and presenting work. Artists working in the community and evolving with different groups; guiding people through artistic processes.

  • NVQ1 Computers & IT. Desktop Publishing

    Avon & Bristol Training Associates

  • 'A' Level Art. Grade A

    North Warwickshire College of Technology & Art

  • 8 'O' Levels. inc. English & Maths

    Higham Lane Secondary School

  • Born


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